About Us

I’m a photographer and absolutely love my job. My grandfather introduced me to photography in third grade when he suggested I go to photography camp in Texas, where I was visiting him for the summer. The teacher gave us each a camera, a few rolls an assignment and I was hooked.

Fast forward to high school, I was the photo editor of high school newspaper and then earned a BA in advertising at Brooks Institute of Photography. I graduated in 2004 and headed straight to the Bay Area to start Robin Jolin Photography.

Wedding photography makes us happy.  We work together and enjoy every part of the experience.   We love being behind the lens as each couple enjoys their day, documenting the small moments, and watching the light change alert to capturing that perfect moment as the sun moves across the sky. There is something magical about the bright harsh light around noon when couples are getting ready and how it slowly transitions in to a soft afternoon light when they walk up the aisle. The day ends with the sun going down with the most exquisite diffused light .

I enjoy life and adore documenting it.