About Us

We photograph beautiful people and we live to see beauty in everything. Beauty to us is the light in someone’s eyes, the smile wrinkles that hug the corners, and the unique colors that serve as mirrors into our hearts. Beauty is how a person touches and interacts with their own skin. Beauty to us is being in sync, and synchronicity is at the heart of everything we do. We are husband and wife, best friends, and teammates. Together we tap into the flow of every beautiful moment. We are Team Jolin.


Our lives move parallel to the ocean. The feeling of smoothness, the refreshing cool, and the steadfast calm. We strive to bring these elements to every wedding day, so our clients have the freedom to experience one of the happiest days of their lives completely in the present.

Photography is an art that requires skill, experience, and patience, but achieving that harmony is uniquely rewarding. It has been said that it’s impossible to stand in the same river twice. The water glides forever onward and if you try to catch it and hold on, it will only drain right through your fingers. It’s wiser to allow the water to flow around you and appreciate the place you find yourself. As we shoot, we tap into that endless flow and allow our clients to simply enjoy the beauty of each moment.

We believe that what we do as photographers lives at the crossroads between art and technical skill, magic and science. The moments we capture become artifacts and for the people in those images, they are tangible memories. To spend our lives transmuting beautiful moments into beautiful objects is truly a gift that we enjoy and appreciate every single day.

We are proud to have our lives centered around happiness and joy.