About Us

As a child living on a mountain in Costa Rica, I remember looking at the breathtaking view and our enchanting life and wanting to capture not just the images, but the moments—this is when I fell in love with photography.

Since those early days in Central America, I have endeavored to capture and expose the beauty of everyday moments around the world: from doors and people in San Miguel de Allende and food and castles in Portugal, to winemakers of Slovenia and Croatia and the cars and drivers of a small town destruction derby.

My love for the art led me to the Brooks Institute of Photography where I graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in advertising photography. During the course of my education I was exposed to a variety of contemporary and traditional photographic styles, techniques and approaches that inform my style today.

I’m a photojournalistic wedding photographer; it is honest, authentic and seemingly non-posed in front of the camera, yet organized and controlled behind the lens.

While I do some posed pictures, I find that the best images come out of emotion, like the moment right after a kiss or mid laugh with your partner.

My main goal in using this style is making sure my clients always look natural, in the moment, and at their best.