Paula + Jack – British Columbia, Canada

Paula and Jack’s wedding took place on a secluded Island called (insert name here) in the middle of Lake (insert name here), which is located right outside of Vancouver, B.C. The six guests boarded a small boat on the mainland, which powered smoothly through the deep-green, icy cold water to the wedding venue. Verdant forests dominated the hills of the surrounding islands all the way to their edge. A dock extended from the bank of our island 50-60 feet, serving as our disembarkation point. A number of small cabins were nestled in the landscape a few feet inland from shore. Paula and Jack’s ceremony, which took place shortly after our arrival, was held in a small meadow near the edge of the lake. Guests looked on as the two exchanged vows with a gorgeous backdrop of unbounded nature. 
The photo sessions after the ceremony were a sweet slice of the newlywed’s quest for adventure. In one shot in particular, the newlyweds plunged their bare feet into the icy cold waters of the lake. Their expressions are priceless! After dinner the six guests found themselves in a wood-heated hot tub, feeling very similar to Bugs Bunny in the cooking pot of some indigenous local tribe. 
The event was concluded with a dip in the lake, but only for those with true grit. 

We had a fantastic time celebrating Paula and Jack’s love with such an intimate group of loved ones. Congratulations to you both!