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City Hall

Joni and Stephen found me on while looking for a photographer to shoot their engagement and City Hall ceremony. Even with an appointment, City Hall weddings can take up to 2 hours, which gave us plenty of time to utilize the amazing space. We met at 12:30 for their 1pm ceremony that took place at my favorite spot in the building, the top floor. The windows are large and everyone looks fabulous in the soft mid-day light.

Venue – San Francisco City Hall

Hair + Make-up – Amy Lawson

Your dress – Trish Lee

Stephen’s Suit – Alfani

The flowers – Polk St Florist

Your rings – Carats and Stones

Film – Fuji 400 and Porta 800

Lab – Richard Photo Lab


Liza + Adrian – City Hall

L+A were short and sweet with their elopement at City Hall. They had a gorgeous view of the hall, with the accents of the railing and architecture. I shot all film as I captured the amazing moments of their ceremony, and even caught an adorable dress twirl.

Venue: City Hall

Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Hair & Make-Up:


Angela + Matt – San Francisco, Ca

You can never go wrong inside the City Hall! It’s quiet, classic, and the windows always filter light in amazing ways. Angela and Matt strolled along the top floor and were even brave enough to snap a cool shot when we saw the floors below were empty! When we got to Baker Beach the overcast was the perfect light filter as the nestled into eachother to wrap another perfect beach shoot!