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Turtle Hill Engagement

Sarina and Bryant met Jill and I at Baker Beach about 2 hours before sunset. We normally me there an hour later but this time, I decided to live on the edge. I love how the pictures turned out. The sun is higher and reflecting off the water to create a soft cloud of light around them. We ended at Turtle Hill in the Sunset.

Beach: Baker Beach

Sunset Venue: Turtle Hill

Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Film: Fuji Film

Gear: Contax 645 & Canon 1V

Photography: Robin Jolin Photography


Lover’s Lane and Baker Beach.

There are just too many fabulous pictures from Nicole and David’s engagement shoot for just 1 post, so I’m doing it in two. First stop, Lover’s Lane—have a look at these and let me know what you think! I have been going to this spot for a few years and have never seen it so green, so if you’re waiting on engagement pictures, now is the time!

Film: Fuji 400

Cameras: Contax 645 & Canon V1

Lab: Richard Photo Lab


Bernal Hill in the Spring

On a cool March afternoon Dee and Eric met me at the top of Bernal Hill at Bernal Heights Park. They brought their 2 dogs Barkley and Mycale. I was surprised about the green grass — yes it has been raining for months and my brain still thinks we are in a drought. Sherrie Long did Dee’s HMU at both her wedding and this shoot!


City Hall

Joni and Stephen found me on while looking for a photographer to shoot their engagement and City Hall ceremony. Even with an appointment, City Hall weddings can take up to 2 hours, which gave us plenty of time to utilize the amazing space. We met at 12:30 for their 1pm ceremony that took place at my favorite spot in the building, the top floor. The windows are large and everyone looks fabulous in the soft mid-day light.

Venue – San Francisco City Hall

Hair + Make-up – Amy Lawson

Your dress – Trish Lee

Stephen’s Suit – Alfani

The flowers – Polk St Florist

Your rings – Carats and Stones

Film – Fuji 400 and Porta 800

Lab – Richard Photo Lab


Baker Beach in December

We are back at Baker Beach for Carmen and Tommy’s engagement shoot. The afternoon started at the classic Legion of Honor. The while pillars and the killer light that bounces around in the hallways never gets old.

About an hour before sunset we headed over to Baker Beach. The day started cloudy but cleared up right as the sun was going down. Tommy took Carmen’s hand, pulled her to the water and snuggled up to watch the sunset.

Venue – Baker Beach and Legion of Honor

Hair & Make-Up –

Film – Fuji 400 and Porta 800

Lab – Richard Photo Lab