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Lover’s Lane and Baker Beach.

There are just too many fabulous pictures from Nicole and David’s engagement shoot for just 1 post, so I’m doing it in two. First stop, Lover’s Lane—have a look at these and let me know what you think! I have been going to this spot for a few years and have never seen it so green, so if you’re waiting on engagement pictures, now is the time!

Film: Fuji 400

Cameras: Contax 645 & Canon V1

Lab: Richard Photo Lab


The Martins

Meet the Martins. They found me on yelp before their baby was born and I got the opportunity to meet her when she was just a few weeks old. The way I see it, there are 2 different kinds of family portraits: the ones outside under a tree or at a set location with perfect light, or the ones in a home where anything can happen—the light could be harsh or non existent. But the best part about taking pictures in a home is that everyone is in their element.



Meet Natalie. Natalie is getting married in August. We did her engagement session and you can see those pictures here. Her pre-wedding walk through will be in a few months.


This blog post has nothing do to with her wedding and everything to do with being a strong successful woman. Natalie hired me to take pictures for her new adventure coaching and motivating people to be and stay healthy. We met at Sutro Baths right after sunrise and then headed to Union street to get a few pictures around town. I can’t get over how soft the light is on her face and how happy she got while talking about easy lifestyle changes.


Natalie, thank you for picking me to do your portraits! August can not get here fast enough.