Colorful Outdoor Wedding in San Diego

February 8, 2024


Andrea and Derek prioritized fun and threw tradition out the window. With no formal plated dinner or assigned seating, they aimed to create an open, free-flowing environment that encouraged guests to let loose and enjoy the celebration.

Shy bride in wedding attire looks down.
Bride's final moments of preparation for her colorful outdoor wedding in San Diego.
Bridesmaids help a Bride's prepare for her colorful outdoor wedding in San Diego.
Bridesmaid smiles at Robin Jolin's camera.
Groom in San Diego preparing for his wedding
Custom designed suit jacket for groomsman.
Gentlemanly groom in suit poses in style during his outdoor San Diego wedding.
Closeup view of a gray wedding suit for groomsman.
San Diego bride looks at the camera in her wedding gown.
San Diego wedding bride portrait by Robin Jolin.

Breaking Traditions: An Unconventional Approach

Khaki door and brick wall
Outdoor wedding decoration with chairs and flowers.
Pretty bougainvillea flower vases
San Diego wedding bride walks down the stairs into her wedding aisle.
Groom looks at his wife during the officiating ceremony behind colorful flower blooms.
Officiator with bride and groom exchanging wedding vows.
Bride and groom share the same scarf during their romantic outdoor wedding.
Bride looks at her husband during the officiating ceremony in front of maids.
Groom looks at his wife during the officiating ceremony of a San Diego wedding behind colorful flower blooms.
Wedding officiation
Colorful flower bouquet at a wedding in San Diego
Little gentlemanly kid dressed in a classy suit at a San Diego wedding.
Outdoor wedding ceremony venue in San Diego.
First kiss after pronounciation.
Newly married couple hold hands, female officiator in background.
Newlyweds raise hands in joy.
Three jubilant wedding bridesmaids holding colorful bouquets.
A colorful outdoor wedding in San Diego. Bride and groom pose with their bridesmaids and best men.
San Diego wedding portrait by Robin Jolin.
Bride and groom hold hands in a beautiful garden after their successful San Diego wedding.
San Diego wedding photography portrait of a newlywed.
Bride lifts her gown and rushes to her wedding.
Bride and groom photoshoot at a bamboo forest.
Bride and wedding gown and bridesmaids in blue dresses in front of a wooden wall.
Elegant bride sits as a queen in front of her pretty bridesmaids.
Bridesmaid holds a flower bouquet.
Bride in white wedding dress holds a flower bouquet.
Editorial style photography of a bride and her maids.
The groom poses outdoors with his classy brothers/best men.

A Vibrant Affair: Embracing Freedom and Fun

Documentary style wedding photography in San Diego by Robin Jolin.
Man holds her bride and takes her to the garden.
Outdoor wedding photoshoot in San Diego by Robin Jolin.
Bride holds her groom's arm in wedding attires.
Bride and groom lovingly hold hands after their wedding.
Bride and groom in wedding attires at a garden with tall trees.
Magazine style wedding photography by Robin Jolin.
Wedding invitation envelope.
Wedding invitation envelope logo
Hotel wall decoration.
Beautifully decorated couch.
Newly pronounced husband and wife rush to their afterparty.
Wedding afterparty venue in San Diego.
Guests at a San Diego wedding afterparty.
Beautiful tire flower vases.
Aesthetic image at a wedding reception.
Plants on a wooden wall.
Elderly wedding guests smile at Robin Jolin's camera.
Colorful flower vases alongside a table.
Afterparty reception table for bride and groom.
White wedding veil on top of colorful bougainvillea flowers.
Bride and groom seated at the table during their reception party.
Loving dance of bride and groom at the reception party.
Bride and groom perform a couple dance at their San Diego Wedding.
Bride and groom embrace at their reception.
Dancing bride and groom in wedding attires with a kid dressed in a suit.
Groom cuts his wedding cake.
Bride and groom lifted with their chairs during their reception.

Afterparty Celebrations

Bride performs the bouquet toss tradition
Bride closes her eyes and throws the bouquet during  the bouquet toss tradition
Illuminated sparks at the wedding afterparty celebration
Illuminated wedding afterparty celebration with bride and groom dancing.
Bride plays with fireworks at her afterparty.
Elated groom plays with fireworks at his afterparty.
Husband and wife embrace during the wedding afterparty.

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