A color image of a couple in a field with a huge oak tree in the background.

Estate Wedding

June 25, 2023


April weddings are my favorite. Life feels fresh and alive. The estate wedding best combines a courtyard picnic and a party. Chrissy changed into a chic and comfortable jumpsuit, then rode away in a cycle rickshaw.  I feel you enjoy pool parties, gourmet foods, and spontaneous adventures. Do you thrive on excitement and new experiences? Small gatherings are the best way to create treasured memories. I craft stories and adapt to the spontaneity life and adventure bring. These images come to life with my style of editorial wedding photography. Dive into the pictures below!

Freshly married couple in bridal dresses walking in front of a white estate.
An original Garmin watch was a gift from the bride.
Green wedding shoes on a tile floor.
Lace from a wedding gown
Leaves on a willow tree.
Flowers in a vase on an old trunk for wedding ceremony decor.
Flowers in a jar hanging from chairs at a wedding ceremony.
A black and white image of a couple saying thier vows surrounded by old trees.
Couple walking back up the aisle with their dog.
An over view shot of a courtyard cocktail party
A bride in her wedding joins her friends and shares a drink at the wedding reception.
A married couple walking around the courtyard after their wedding ceremony. Editorial wedding photography by Robin Jolin.

Bridegroom embraces his wife while bride poses with a bouquet of flowers.
Couple in wedding attire pose under a giant oak tree.
Honeymooners look at each other and fall in love once again on their wedding day.

An outdoor picture of a large checker game surrounded by Japanese maple trees.
An old married couple dancing at their kids' wedding.
Outdoor estate wedding reception with white tables, white chairs, and white flowers. A white farmhouse in the background.
Just-married coupled perform a partner dance for their guests.
A couple walking out of their wedding reception to a new life of bliss!
A married couple riding in the back of a Rick Shaw bike off to their after party.

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