newborn baby at home family portrait photo by robin jolin

Family Picture Day

February 22, 2023


Hi! I’m excited to share the incredible journey of capturing family portraits with the adventurous spirit of exploration and the sheer beauty of everyday moments. Come along with me for a pleasant chat filled with amusing stories and a bit of wit. Prepare to capture the happiness of preserving those unforgettable moments!

The Magic of In-Between Moments

Picture this: I’m in the midst of a family portrait session, and suddenly, something unexpected happens that encapsulates the pure essence of your loved ones. It could be your little one waking up from a nap, all adorable and disheveled, or the laughter-filled deliberation over ice cream flavors at the local shop. These moments ignite a spark of joy and make life truly powerful.

Embracing a Casual and Relatable Style

I like to keep things authentic and down-to-earth when capturing these spectacular moments. There is no need for excessive formality or elaborate settings. Instead, let’s embrace a conversational tone as if chatting over coffee with a close friend. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease, and ready to explore the beauty of your family’s unique story.

The Journey of Booking a Family Portrait Session

Let’s discuss how we’ll make this process smooth and enjoyable. We’ll start with a friendly phone call to discuss your vision, your family’s adventures, and any questions you may have. From there, I’ll create a personalized proposal that fits your style and preferences. We’ll also hop on a Zoom call a week before the shoot to finalize locations and clothing while I eagerly listen to all the exciting things your kiddos have been up to.

Spectacular Locations to Tell Your Story

Get ready to explore breathtaking backdrops that perfectly complement your family’s story. Whether we’re capturing the joyous moments at the beach, embracing the adventurous spirit atop a majestic mountain, or finding beauty along a serene river or lake, each location adds its own unique touch to your portraits. And let’s not forget the comfort and familiarity of your home, where memories are created and cherished.

The Art of Capturing Powerful and Inspiring Portraits

During the shoot, I’ll bring out the best in your family, creating an atmosphere of ease and genuine joy. Through lively storytelling, I’ll guide you into spontaneous moments of laughter and connection, capturing the essence of your family’s beauty. We’ll keep things simple and avoid excessive posing, allowing your unique personality to shine naturally.

The Beauty of Minimalism

In my photography, I embrace a refined and minimalist style. I find inspiration in the simplicity of California’s rolling hills, lone dirt roads during sunset, and the powerful effect of removing distractions to focus on the sparkle in someone’s eyes or a warm embrace. It’s about capturing the raw beauty of your family’s love and connection, creating timeless portraits that tell your story.

Embrace the Journey and Capture the Joy

So, my friend, are you ready to embark on this incredible journey together? Let’s capture the powerful, inspiring, and joyous moments that make your family’s story remarkable. Every step will be filled with ease and an adventurous spirit, from the laughter-filled in-between moments to the breathtaking backdrops. Get ready to explore the beauty of your family and create timeless photographs.

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