Healdsburg Wedding

May 13, 2024


Every now and then, a wedding comes along that rekindles the passion for our craft, reminding us why we fell in love with what we do in the first place. Such was the case with this unforgettable Healdsburg Wedding in the heart of Northern California’s Sonoma County.

Known for its exquisite wines, culinary delights, and a unique blend of cowgirl chic meets Michelin-star sophistication, Healdsburg set the stage for a wedding like no other.

Magazine style photography of the bride in wedding gown.
Editorial style photography of the bridegroom in wedding suit.
Two bridesmaids smile at each other.
Man entertains his best men at his Healdsburg wedding.
Bride Jillian smiles at her wedding ceremony.
Bride with disheveled hair in her wedding gown.

I met Jillian and Amos at a Labor Day party. I’m unsure if it was the margaritas, the botchy ball, or the water slide, but we’ve stayed close ever since. Amos is a graphic designer for beer and wine labels. Jillian is in advertising, and they love an adventure.

A Heartfelt Ceremony at Healdsburg’s Charming Church

It was off to the church, where Amos’s mom was the officant. I used my favorite Ilford 3200 and am always amazed by how beautiful this film is.

Most of this wedding was shot on a Contax 645 and a Canon F1 with Fujij 400 film. Jerred was the second photographer, and Vincent kept us on track.

Cute little girl imitates the officiator as a wedding guest.
Church wedding in Healdsburg.
Officiator inaugurates the wedding ceremony.
Amos's mom was the officiator at his wedding.
Officiator with bride, groom, and their bridesmaids and groomsmen at a church wedding.
Little boy helps the bride and groom with wedding processions.
Groom holds his newly pronounced wife's hand at a church wedding.
Officiator watches bride and groom in a church.
Church wedding in Healdsburg
Groom lifts his wife's hands during the wedding ceremony in a church.
Bride and groom walk back up the aisle.
Newlyweds exiting the church.
Editorial style church wedding in Healdsburg.

The Healdsburg Wedding Experience at h2 Hotel

I adore this hotel. The light in the entryway bounces around and makes everything sparkle. And there is a fountain where water drips down and spoons the most lovely music. This hotel takes care of their quests. It is luxurious from the moment you step on the property.

The ease I got when I stayed at H2 for the first time has stuck with me. Ease that immediately gets my creative juices flowing.

What can I learn about hospitality from the exquisite hotel? Is it the balance, the cool tones, or the feeling of laying in a huge bed with an odd amount of pillows?

From then on they partied! The food was amazing and the dance floor was rocking.

Wedding reception dining table arrangement.
table decoration
Colorfully dressed couple guests attend the wedding.
Vegetable dish at the wedding reception party.
Bridesmaid walks into the wedding venue.
Little girl in yellow dress at a green garden.
Dining area at the wedding venue.
Amos and Jillian perform a couple dance after their Healdsburg Wedding.
Bride and groom cut their wedding cake.
Ballroom dance of the newlyweds.
Bride and groom at the garden after their Healdsburg wedding.
Canned drinks at a wedding reception.
Elegant editorial style wedding photography in the garden by Robin Jolin.
Back view of pretty wedding sandals with heels.
After-wedding garden photoshoot of bride and groom by Robin Jolin.
Bridegroom with his groomsmen at the h2hotel.
Vintage style wedding photography by Robin Jolin.
Magazine style wedding photography of a newly married couple in the swing.
Fabric designs in a wedding gown.
Pretty wooden tabletop with candles and flower vases.
Bride in wedding attire holds a pretty flower bouquet.
Healdsburg Church
Groom with his mom and groomsmen at his wedding.
Final wedding preparations at Healdsburg wedding.
Aesthetic bride in wedding dress and a flower bouquet.
Bride in wedding dress drinks out of a glass bottle while little girls watch in the background.
Bridesmaids and cute little girls stand behind the bride who holds her bouquet.
Bride and groom dance together before their wedding ceremony.
Entire attending family of the bride and groom photographed by Robin Jolin.
Elegantly dressed bride and groom embrace after their big wedding day.
Happy bride and groom embrace and pose for the camera.
Aesthetic image of bride and groom dancing in wedding attires at a garden.
Bride kisses her newly-married husband.
Bride with her newly-married husband.
Bride with her bridesmaids and little girls in gowns.
Bride poses with her bridesmaids and little girls in gowns.
Bride adjusts the wedding crown of a cute little girl.
Bridegroom holds a bottle of Madre Mezcal Artesanal.
Bride and groom hold hands and walk towards Robin Jolin's camera.
Elated bride and groom walk in front of their bridesmaids.
Bride helps little girls at her wedding with their attires.
Bride drinks from a bottle while helping little girls at her wedding with their attires.
Overall family and friends of the marrying couple.
Man grabs a drink at a wedding reception party with other guests.
Pretty white wedding sandals on a white tabletop and an envelope with ring.
Comfortable outdoor furniture arrangement.
Bride consults with her bridesmaids during her wedding.
Backview of a wedding dress.
Bride embraces her bridesmaids at a Healdsburg Wedding.
Bride and groom cut their wedding cake.
Bride and groom cut their wedding reception party cake.

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