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Magical Winery Wedding at Casa Real

May 2, 2020


A Photographer’s Guide to Documenting Memorable Casa Real Weddings

Welcome to my guide on documenting unforgettable Casa Real weddings in Pleasanton, California. Each wedding at Casa Real combines elegance, joy, and cherished moments. As a photographer deeply committed to capturing these stories, I use my Contax 645 camera and Fuji film to preserve the magic of each moment.

Wedding cards in blue with golden font.

Preparing for the Day

Every Casa Real wedding begins with meticulous planning and anticipation. Surrounded by tranquil vineyards and elegant reception halls adorned with soft pink roses, Casa Real offers a picturesque setting where love stories come alive.

Bride-to-be infront of a large mirror.
Bride-to-be and her bridesmaids hold flower bouquets.
Gold-color wedding sandals with heels.
Embroidered gems on a wedding sandal.
Bride in wedding gown and her engagement ring.
Bridesmaids help with the bride's white wedding gown.
Bridegroom in his wedding suit.

The morning began with a soft breeze gently rustling through the vineyard near the picturesque church where Nigh and Tin exchanged their heartfelt vows. As a wedding photographer, moments like these remind me why I love what I do—documenting the pure essence of love and commitment in each frame.

Church wedding at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery
Film Wedding photography by Robin Jolin.

Nigh was a vision in her elegant gown, radiating happiness and anticipation as she walked down the aisle to Tin, whose eyes sparkled with pride and love. Their ceremony was a testament to their journey together, filled with laughter, tears, and promises for the future. Documenting such a profound moment in their lives was a privilege.

Bridegroom approaches with his groomsmen.

Following the ceremony, we moved to Casa Real for the reception—a venue that perfectly complemented the elegance and sophistication of Nigh and Tin’s celebration. The reception hall was adorned with soft pink roses, creating an atmosphere of romance and intimacy that enveloped their guests.

Groomsmen joyfully lift their groom.
Bride poses outdoors with her bridesmaids.

Celebrating at Casa Real

After the ceremony, Nigh, Tin, and their guests moved to Casa Real’s reception venue. The ambiance transformed into a magical setting, highlighted by a stunning square light installation that bathed the dance floor in a romantic glow. It was the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments.

Bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen pose at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery
Elegant bride and groom in their wedding attires.

Photographic Opportunities

Casa Real provides abundant opportunities for creative photography. From candid moments during the reception to utilizing the natural light filtering through the venue’s elegant architecture, every photograph tells a story of love, joy, and the beginning of a new chapter for couples like Nigh and Tin.

Bride in white wedding gown, groom in an elegant suit, and their wedding guests.
Magazine style wedding photography by Robin Jolin.
Classy bride holds her groom by his arm.
Aesthetic picture of a bride and groom holding hands
Shrimp appetizers at a wedding reception party.
Elegantly dressed appetizer.
Winery wedding photoshoot.
Film style wedding portrait at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery
Bride and groom hold their hands and show their wedding rings.
After-wedding photoshoot at a vineyard.
Vineyard wedding photography at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery
Aesthetic bride and groom hold hands and dance at a vineyard.
Newly pronounced husband and wife commemorate their union with a vineyard photoshoot.
vineyard photoshoot session of the newlyweds.
Groom in traditional after-wedding attire
Traditional after-wedding attire
Wedding reception party hall.

The highlight of the evening was the breathtaking square light installation adorning the ceiling above the dance floor. As the sun set, the lights bathed the room in a warm, ethereal glow, creating a magical backdrop for Nigh and Tin’s first dance as husband and wife. Their joy was palpable, and every photograph captured the essence of their love story unfolding.

Place cards that reads "Mrs. Vy Nguyen"
Elegant bride at her afterparty smiles at Robin Jolin's camera.

For me, documenting Casa Real weddings is more than just taking photographs; it’s about creating visual legacies that couples will treasure for a lifetime. Every image is a testament to the beauty and authenticity of their wedding day, ensuring that their memories are preserved in timeless masterpieces.

Bride and groom embrace each other for a dance below a giant elegant hanging thread-like light fixture.

I believe in the power of photography to tell stories and evoke emotions. My mission is to create timeless masterpieces that capture each couple’s unique love story’s beauty, authenticity, and joy. Casa Real provided the perfect setting for me to blend my artistic vision with the natural beauty of the surroundings, ensuring that every photograph reflects the depth of emotion and significance of the day.

Casa Real weddings epitomize elegance and sophistication, providing an ideal setting for couples to celebrate their love surrounded by friends, family, and breathtaking scenery. As a photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the essence of each Casa Real wedding—moments of love, joy, and pure magic that will be cherished forever.

Whether you’re planning your own Casa Real wedding or simply appreciate the beauty of these celebrations, I hope this guide offers insight into what makes these occasions truly special.

Romantic and passionate afterparty dance from the newlyweds.

Photography is my privilege and my craft. It allows me to connect with people, celebrate love, and create enduring visual legacies. I am committed to providing a personalized experience that exceeds expectations, capturing moments and the true spirit of Nigh and Tin’s wedding day—the beginning of their happily ever after.

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