Menlo Park Backyard Wedding

March 2, 2024


An Unforgettable Menlo Park Wedding

There’s something magical about a backyard wedding, especially when it’s brimming with patriotic charm on the 4th of July. Brookie and Jerry’s Menlo Park wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, laughter, and a touch of national pride. I loved documenting this special day with my trusty Contax 645 and Fuji film.

Wedding-related stationery elegantly arranged on a wooden surface
Minimalist design of wedding officiation documents with elegant, cursive font for the names of bride and groom.

A Personal Connection with Brookie and Jerry

I first met Brookie and Jerry at a local event, and their warmth and love for each other were evident right from the start. I was thrilled when they told me about their plans for a Menlo Park wedding at Jerry’s family home. The idea of a relaxed backyard celebration mixed with traditional elements sounded perfect.

Wedding gown hung on a hanger.
Wedding gown fabric.
Wedding sandals
Beautiful white wedding gown beside wedding sandals.

Getting Ready in Menlo Park

Brookie got dressed at the house with her girlfriends, who were all in stunning navy dresses. Brookie’s Monique Lhuillier dress was absolutely breathtaking. I started the day by documenting the details of the invitations before moving to the bedroom where Brookie and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The light was perfect, creating an ethereal glow. They had the best hair and makeup team with Hair by Brieana and Makeup by Laurren Cowan.

Blue wedding robe with "JJ" embroidery.
Bridesmaid adjusts the bride's hair as she eats a plate of fruits.
Bridesmaids help bride-to-be with her wedding gown.
Bride smiles in front of her bridesmaid.
Bridesmaids prepare the bride-to-be for her wedding ceremony.
Beautiful wedding gown.
Bridesmaids have a fun moment with the bride.
Bride-to-be and her mother look at each other and smile joyfully.
Bride poses for the camera in her wedding gown right before walking down the aisle.
Bride gossips with her three bridesmaids.
Aesthetic picture of a bride-to-be in wedding gown walking up the stairs.

A Heartfelt Ceremony at Church of the Nativity

We then hopped into the limos and headed to the Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park. This church, filled with rich history and stunning stained glass, provided a beautiful backdrop for Brookie and Jerry’s vows. The ceremony was deeply emotional, with heartfelt readings and joyous tears.

Mother of the bride walks her down the aisle.
Bride holds a bouquet of flowers and smiles warmly while her mother smiles joyfully.
Bridegroom in a dark suit with a striped tie, bride's mother with short blonde hair and glasses, and the bride in a wedding dress with a veil
Atherton wedding ceremony.
Atherton magazine-style wedding photography by Robin Jolin.
Romantic wedding photography of the newly married couple.
Elegant Atherton wedding photography by Robin Jolin.
Newly pronounced husband and wife hug each other in front of the officiant.
Newly pronounced husband and wife walk back up the aisle.

My Artistic Vision

I used my trusted Contax 645 and Fuji film to document every moment for this wedding. Combining this camera and film allowed me to capture the vibrant colors and intricate details that made the day so special. My artistic vision focused on highlighting the natural light and candid moments, bringing out the authenticity and beauty of the day.

One of the challenges was balancing the festive, patriotic theme with the elegance and intimacy of a wedding. However, the reward was seeing Brookie and Jerry’s faces with joy and happiness and knowing that I had created beautiful memories for them to cherish forever.

In my work, everything circles back to a few core values that shape how I approach each wedding.

It’s about finding joy in every moment— capturing laughter that lights up a room or those quiet, heartfelt exchanges that speak volumes. I truly believe in the beauty of life’s big moments. Every wedding is a unique story waiting to be told, and I approach it with hope and positivity. From our first meeting to delivering your cherished memories, I am dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Your wedding day deserves nothing less. I draw so much inspiration from the serene landscapes of Menlo Park. Something about the tranquility here sparks creativity and allows me to bring out the best in every photograph. Weddings are filled with intimate, emotional moments, and I aim to approach each with understanding and empathy. It’s about capturing not just moments but the feelings behind them.

These values are at the heart of what I do. They guide my business pillars: documenting those irreplaceable moments, using light and movement to add depth and emotion, and sharing the artistry that makes every photograph a timeless treasure.

Outdoor wedding photography in Atherton, California by Robin Jolin.
Wedding photographer Robin Jolin captures a tender moment between a bride and groom on their wedding day.
Newly married husband and wife holds hands in an outdoor garden or courtyard, with lush greenery and a beautiful fountain in the background.
Elegantly dressed bride in wedding gown holds a bouquet of flowers and smiles at the camera.
Editorial style wedding portrait by Robin Jolin.

A Patriotic Reception at Jerry’s Family Home

After the ceremony, we returned to Jerry’s family home for an epic backyard reception. The atmosphere was lively and patriotic, with red, white, and blue decorations. Guests enjoyed a variety of appetizers, portrait cut-out stations, and an energetic dance floor that kept everyone moving until the wee hours of the night.

Bride and groom after their church wedding.
Elegantly dressed man in suit and tie holds a classy glass of champagne.
Bride and groom interact with their wedding guest.
New bridegroom celebrates his union with champagne.
Wedding guests raise a toast for the newly married.
Bride and groom joyfully pass through their exuberant wedding guests.

Visual Appeal 

Preparation for this wedding began with thorough consultations and scouting the venue to understand its unique characteristics. On the wedding day, my workflow involved capturing every significant moment with precision and care, ensuring no detail was overlooked. Post-processing was all about enhancing the images’ natural beauty and warmth, reflecting the day’s love and joy.

Cute little girl raises the American flag in her arm.
Proud lady teaches patriotic little girls to wave their American flags.
A vibrant, full-color image of an outdoor wedding reception held in the spacious, well-manicured grounds of a charming white estate.
Newly pronounced husband and wife address their guests.
Backyard wedding reception party photography by Robin Jolin.
Backyard wedding portrait of the groom in suit and tie.

Brookie and Jerry’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, joy, and patriotism. Their story, set against the backdrop of Menlo Park, was a testament to the power of genuine connections and the beauty of life’s special moments. If this wedding inspires you and want to explore more of my work, I invite you to view my fine art prints or reach out for a consultation. Let’s create beautiful memories together.

It's time for the bride to show her best dance moves at the reception party.
Bridesmaid eager to show her moves as well.
Wedding reception party desserts.
Sweet dessert with toppings for the reception party.
Bride in her wedding gown holds a cup of desserts.
Wedding reception party bustling with guests, all elegantly dressed, mingling and enjoying the evening.

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