Piedmont Wedding

March 5, 2024


If you know anything about me, you know I love a backyard wedding! Piedmont, California, holds a special place in my heart. My dad and his parents are from a tiny town in Northern California. When Colleen called me to tell me about her wedding vision, how she’ll be getting ready at her childhood home, the same church where she did her first communion, and the party will be in the backyard of her parent’s house, I was all in!

Piedmont wedding venue
Invitational card for a Piedmont wedding
White wedding gown fabric
Bride shows her engagement ring.
Bride takes her wedding gown up the stairs.
Bridesmaid helps the bride wear her wedding gown.
Maids check over the bride in her wedding outfit.
Bride proudly smiles with her bridesmaid while wearing her wedding gown.
Aesthetic image of a bride in white wedding gown.
Bride comes outdoors in her wedding gown while a bridesmaid holds her train.
Bridesmaid looks at the wedding invitation card.
Piedmont Wedding officiator at a church.
Father walks her daughter down the aisle in a church for her Piedmont Wedding.
Bread basket at the church.
Bride at her Piedmont Wedding looks at her husband.
Wedding officiator at a church in Piedmont.
Newly pronounced husband and wife kiss at the church.
Bride and groom hold hands and walk back up the aisle.
Giant columns in Piedmont.
Lady in a beautiful dress holds a bouquet of flowers.
Newlyweds at a Piedmont Wedding embrace at the garden.
Bride in a gorgeous white wedding gown followed by her husband.
Piedmont Wedding bride in white wedding gown holds a bouquet.
Piedmont Wedding bride holds a flower bouquet.
Elegant bride and groom stand in front of a tall estate.
Piedmont Wedding portrait by wedding photographer Robin Jolin.
Robin Jolin captures bride and groom at a garden alley.
Piedmont Wedding portrait by Robin Jolin.
Bridegroom at a Piedmont Wedding with his groomsmen.
Bride with her bridesmaids stand in elegant wedding gowns.
Bridesmaids and groomsmen unify together for a photo.
Piedmont Wedding venue
Piedmont Wedding reception party venue with chairs and table arrangements
Beautiful wedding ring for the bride placed on a rose flower.
Pretty flower bouquet
Newly married bride and groom walk down a paved road.
Piedmont wedding bride and groom outside an estate.
Piedmont wedding reception party table arrangements.
Pretty little flower vase.
Children at a wedding party peek outside from the window.
Champagne glasses at a white tabletop.
Evening wedding reception party venue with guests seated at the table.
Female guests at a Piedmont wedding reception party.
Bride and groom seated at the table for their Piedmont wedding reception party.
Celebratory toast
Male guests at a Piedmont wedding reception party.
Bride dances in radiant sunset rays with her husband.
Bride and groom during their cake cutting ceremony.

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