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Robin Jolin



my Values

At Robin Jolin Photography, my values are the heartbeat of our craft.

I believe in the transformative power of personalized attention, the authenticity of every moment, and the artistry that emerges from blending comfort and opulence.

My commitment to integrity, continuous improvement, and the joy of creating visual legacies defines who we are.

I navigate your journey with an unwavering dedication to capturing Joy and love with ease.

My values, embedded in the name Robin Jolin Photography, serve as a moral compass, ensuring an experience that is refined and  beautiful.


- Emily & Dakota



My husband and I had our engagement and wedding photos shot by Robin. Not only is she a wonderful human that our whole wedding party loved, but she is also a wonderful photographer. You'd be missing out if you didn't book her for your photos!"

- Natalie & Dan

Rave reivew

Robin was so easy to work with

 She made us feel absolutely comfortable and delighted on a day filled with so many emotions and juggling of people and events (our wedding day)! You were so generous with your talent and time, can't thank you enough :)

- Melissa & Kevin

Client love

we are so incredibly grateful we had Robin

I cannot say enough wonderful things about her professionalism, artistry and overall she is just a lovely & kind human being.

 The day after my wedding I was not sad it was over but extremely excited because I knew we had photographs coming- sure enough they were priceless and captured our day beautifully! She is truly a gifted photographer and we were lucky enough to have her for the day. THANK YOU ROBIN FOR EVERYTHING!

- Anabele & Tim

Happy Clients

Robin blew our expectation away!!

She shot our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. They were AMAZING, clean, modern everything I wanted. My hubby HATES pictures but Robin was so fun and personable that he was not only impressed, he had a great time. What I appreciate most about her is her great attitude and professionalism.

 The album she created for us was so precious, I am so happy I found her!

- Alex & Justin

Rave review

Robin is truly the best!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about her professionalism, artistry and overall she is just a lovely & kind human being.

When my friend mentioned her name as a photographer I instantly fell in love with the style of her photos and once we connected on the phone, I was even more excited to get to work with her. We used her for both our engagement photos and wedding and she did a fantastic job.

Robin is amazing and I can't wait for the next excuse to hire her again!


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